What is CMO?

What is CMO?

C.M.O. stands for Compensating Magnetic Oscillator. It is the name given to the base technology developed by Tecnolab-COMOSYSTEMS Laboratories that is the basis of a range of products designed to offset the adverse effects of human exposure to various electromagnetic fields from different common sources.

The CMO is a passive system.  This means that it is stand-alone and is not powered and therefore does not generate it's own EM pollution.

What do we call the “compensation signal”?

The CMO compensation program is designed to maintain, at the cellular level, the ion-protein binding which is disturbed by the polluting EM field, thus protecting the natural electromagnetic functioning of cells and organs such as the brain or the eye. It is the Calcium ions and channels that are primarily effected which play a crucial role in many cellular and body functions.

CMO’s Operating Principal

CMO Operating Principle

Aqueous solutions structured by electromagnetic treatment emit hyper-low and bioactive electromagnetic signals to keep the ion-protein binding functional.
Each CMO contains a microcrystalline salt solution (activated by the polluting EM radiation) that generates a hyper-low signal. This is the compensation signal. This compensation signal resonates with the receptors of living organisms, and thus allows the cells of the body to exchange ions in a normal and natural way, despite the presence of artificial electromagnetic radiation.

Acting directly on the biological level, CMO does not change the intensity of the transmitted fields and therefore does not disturb the operation of electronic devices.
Ions within their proteinaceous cavity have an oscillation and rotational movement.
The calcium ion for example has a natural rotating frequency of 35 Hz in it’s cavity, and a natural frequency of oscillation between 1 and 2 GHz.These values are in the frequency ranges of waves that we find with mobile cellular phones for example.
These similarities will facilitate the breaking of binding between these ions and protein, this is the source of organic disorders. The signal from the CMO will maintain the functional link between the ion and the protein.

Some "basics" needed to understand the principle of bioactive resonances

Measuring Waves

As a reminder, two parameters are measured with EMF (electromagnetic fields):

  1. A measurement of the intensity of these waves, expressed in Gauss or Tesla for a magnetic field, and in volts/m for the electric field. For artificial electromagnetic waves (mobile phones, WiFi, TV, radio, antennas and transmission towers for mobile phone etc.) we measure the transmitted power, or more specifically the power density which is defined as "the rate at which energy flows through a known surface", the measurement being taken at a distance of several wavelengths from the radio frequency source. This power density is expressed in Watt/m2. Devices are given an SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) figureand is the official parameter used to "quantify" the "danger" level of the waves. It is the quantitative measure for an exposure close to the source and corresponds to the measure of the amount of energy absorbed by the body. Historically, it was thought that EM radiation could only have a biological effect if it generated heat.  This has since been proven to be completely wrong, but Regulatory Authorities have not changed from the old SAR assessments and do not take into consideration the scientific fact that it is not necessary to have a thermal heating for a biological effect to take place.
  2. The second measure relates to the frequency of the waves which is measured in Hertz (Hz), or number of cycles per second. 1 Hz = 1 cycle per second.

Resonance Phenomenon

The frequencies, and/or their harmonics, of frequently used electronic and communication devices (mobile phones, laptops etc) overlap the same frequency ranges of the ion oscillations of calcium, magnesium, sodium, lithium ... or more complex systems such as amino acids, or even in whole organs. These external (electromagnetic pollution) frequencies interfere with the internal biological frequencies to create a phenomena of resonance and “beats” that generate an alteration of the ion motion and protein-binding at the cellular level and thus change their concentration within the cells.

eg. Research has found that the intracellular concentration of calcium in the cells of the pituitary gland (see the research paper: Calcium concentration in pituitary cells) is more than doubled after mobile phone exposure.  This level returns to normal with CMO protection.

EM pollution from such devices not only occur within the same frequency ranges that determine the movements of certain ions in the cell, but also the intensity of the electromagnetic radiation of these devices is millions or even billions of times stronger.

CMO’S Biotechnology

CMOs active solutions are microcrystalline solutions programmed by frequencies “tuned” to biological targets (directly or their harmonics) in order to restore their natural activity. This microcrystalline  solution "memorizes" these useful frequencies to offset the effects of polluting electromagnetic fields and then restores these infinitesimal countervailing signals. These properties are acquired by its physical treatment using a proprietary technique.

In fact, the electromagnetic environment activates the CMO solution in the same way that a neon tube placed near to a high voltage line will light up.

Thus activated, the CMO microcrystalline solution generates hyperlow signals, tuned to the natural frequency of the calcium ions, magnesium, sodium, lithium etc. at the cell level. Through their own resonant properties these signals reinforce the correct cellular frequencies to overcome those emitted by the polluting devices.

This non-ionizing, non-toxic, oscillating microcrystalline solution produces a magnetic induction of ultra-low intensity, measured as magnetic inductions of biological origin, in femto Tesla by SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device).

The signals emitted from CMO, thus measured, are equivalent to the intensity of radiation of the body organs (especially the brain *): about 150 femto Tesla.
The CMO then functions like a “tuning fork” tuned to the original frequency, promoting the appropriate resonances.  This explains the effectiveness of the CMO protection for the biological parameters. This efficiency has not only been demonstrated by the correction of the calcium concentration but also by the study of multiple hormones and other biological markers that are disrupted by EM pollution but return to normal under the influence of CMO.For peer-reviewed published  scientific research paper that validate CMO, see the studies listed on the General Information page.


The lifetime warranty is a minimum of 2 years because biological tests that were made two years apart, with the same CMO, give exactly the same results in terms of protection at the biological level. (University of Montpellier). Given the lack of decline demonstrated by this study it is highly likely that the effects will continue to last and provide protection against the technologies they were originally developed to compensate for.

However, the techniques and frequencies used by telecommunications and other electronic devices change over time. In recognition of this we regularly update the emission spectrum of our CMO products.